Dream Catcher Enhanced and Improved for Print

New, enhanced image in my art gallery:DreamCatcherPrint Dream Catcher Enhanced and Improved for PrintSecrets whispered on the wind can be blown far away and captured again to speak in our dreams. Likewise, virtual conjurations can enter the dream realms and so affect reality.

This image is about living on the land in tune with nature and the mysteries. The land looms large, the dream catcher and the clouds loom large, and the accommodations of human life and civilization are tucked into a corner, adequate and unpretentious. There is an implied wind that fills the spaces of this composition and carries dreams to be captured by the various antennae present.

This new render brings the image resolution up to 480o pixels and features richer, deeper colors than my previous upload. This Vue 3D digital art project had to be rendered in 49 separate sections, and pieced together with some retouch to conjure this virtual Southwestern desert landscape.

DreamCatcherCardsPrints Dream Catcher Enhanced and Improved for Print

'Dream Catcher' available as cards and prints up to 36 inches

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