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All-In-One Event Calendar events in blog home, categories and tags

This starts when I found what seemed like just the right WordPress event calendar plugin, all-in-one Event-calendar, with lots of good features, useful shortcodes etc. However, like many event plugins, it uses a custom post type, and normally will not … Continue reading

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Tulgey Wood improved 3D render

My gallery image ‘Tulgey Wood’ has been upgraded with an improved render to 3600 pixels and a new detailing effort to bring the image to a better level yet.Here are some virtual chanterelle mushrooms in a detail from this image. … Continue reading

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Lake Hali 3D Digital Art Painting

New in my gallery: At the far end of the Hyadean wormhole the laws of physics are a little different, and Earthly mortals who venture there risk their sanity. The towers of lost Carcosa loom beside the lake, left behind … Continue reading

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Infinite Interleaving Image Available as Prints

The leaf tile pattern posted under ‘Decorative Penrose Tiles’ is now available as a card or print. The image has been retouched and cleaned up considerably from what was posted in low resolution back in December, and is now ready … Continue reading

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Tralfamadore Art Prints and Cards

Featured in my gallery: This image, entitled ‘Tralfamadore’ depicts an alien landscape with crop circle mandalas floating in the sky, a place where spacetime itself is bent differently. This is a place so far from Earth that whatever shines up … Continue reading

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Tulgey Wood Art Prints and Cards

New upload in my gallery page: This luscious inner forest scene is a composite of different forests I’ve seen in my wanderings among the coast ranges of California and Oregon during the rainy season. On the soggiest, foggiest days every … Continue reading

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Steampunk Airship 3D Model

I have created this steam driven virtual dirigible for use in my 3D art scenes. I am hoping to get a decent export of it to a generic 3D object format so it can be made more widely available. The … Continue reading

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