A Look Inside That Crystal Ball

CrystalBall1 278x300 A Look Inside That Crystal BallWhen I posted my gallery art image “Wind Serpent” in this blog, I asked viewers to “gaze into the crystal ball” as they perused the fantasy landscape. There weren’t very many pixels there to gaze into, so just for fun I have made this special render where I have moved the virtual camera right up to the crystal ball and taken another snapshot of this virtual reality. You can see the whole¬† landscape inverted by the optics of the crystal ball, and the fainter reflections of the tower and telescope near the crystal ball. I added a couple of refracting flaws to the virtual crystal for this take, since otherwise it showed all too clearly where the abrupt edges of the terrains were, where the whole scene becomes like a stage set rather than really being an alternate world unto itself. Go ahead and stare into the crystal ball and divine what you will.

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