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Tralfamadore Art Prints and Cards

Featured in my gallery: This image, entitled ‘Tralfamadore’ depicts an alien landscape with crop circle mandalas floating in the sky, a place where spacetime itself is bent differently. This is a place so far from Earth that whatever shines up … Continue reading

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Is Lemurian Agate Real?

We have this from the University of Nebraska’s Agate Lexicon: Lemurian Agate, …a new California find, no description, no locality, Trade Name, adv., Pyramid Rock Mart, Lapidary Journal, v. 1, no. 2, p. 79. …adv. Rocks & Minerals, 1947, v. … Continue reading

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Lemurian Agate

This lovely slice of multidimensional Lemurian Agate was quarried from the heart of Mount Shasta in the same quarry that produced the stone for the marvelous¬† fluted spiral pillars in the east wing of the Great Hall of Telos.¬† The … Continue reading

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