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This Week in Heresy Interview

This Week in Heresy: Episode 41: Emerging into Self with Diana Morningstar #transvisibility Interviewed by Gina Pond I met Gina Pond through Pantheacon, the Neopagan conference, when the flap about transgender inclusion at that event started happening. I had … Continue reading

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Transcript of Interview on The Queer Life Radio show

The following is a transcript of an interview for The Queer Life radio show with host Kaiya Kramer on KBBF 89.1 FM Calistoga, 4/3/15. We discuss transgender issues and news, and radical transfeminism and why we need it. Kaiya: Alright … Continue reading

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Artemis in Repose

After rediscovering some of my old art, I have been moved to take up drawing again, to set aside the digital tools for a while and get my hand back into it. This colored pencil sketch of a horned amazon … Continue reading

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Nymph Interrupted

Nymph Interrupted: I was somewhere around 20 yrs old when I fell into a depression and never finished this. Just found this piece rummaging through a portfolio in storage. Somehow she has survived in her delicate papery form for about … Continue reading

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Double Rainbow Diversity Flag

This is what I got when I superimposed rainbow flags in both directions, then progressively desaturated the lower right colors to make this double rainbow even more inclusive. If your love is a smoky mauve, a deep magenta, or a … Continue reading

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