Nymph Interrupted

NymphInterrupted 1024x752 Nymph Interrupted

Nymph Interrupted: I was somewhere around 20 yrs old when I fell into a depression and never finished this. Just found this piece rummaging through a portfolio in storage. Somehow she has survived in her delicate papery form for about 35 yrs of my chaotic life since then.

A friend commented online that she looks like me, though I would never have believed anyone would ever say that about her at the time I drew her, lost in submerged gender dysphoria when I didn’t have a name for the pain. She looks back at me across 35 years, eyes knowing what I scarcely dared whisper to myself at the time.

I was torn at first between finishing the picture, or preserving as is. The incompletion is a part of the expression of the piece and the circumstances under which I was working. I’ve given the picture the signature that waited 35 years to happen, and will keep as is. I’ve also scanned a copy that I hope will be suitable for prints. This has been a bit of soul retrieval for me.

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