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Wind Serpent Fantasy Air Dragon Image Added to Gallery

Now available in my online gallery newly remastered and detailed, and shining. This render kept the old computer up all night and me busy for a while touching up some details to make this the best version yet of this … Continue reading

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Tralfamadore Art Prints and Cards

Featured in my gallery: This image, entitled ‘Tralfamadore’ depicts an alien landscape with crop circle mandalas floating in the sky, a place where spacetime itself is bent differently. This is a place so far from Earth that whatever shines up … Continue reading

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Is Lemurian Agate Real?

We have this from the University of Nebraska’s Agate Lexicon: Lemurian Agate, …a new California find, no description, no locality, Trade Name, adv., Pyramid Rock Mart, Lapidary Journal, v. 1, no. 2, p. 79. …adv. Rocks & Minerals, 1947, v. … Continue reading

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Lemurian Agate

This lovely slice of multidimensional Lemurian Agate was quarried from the heart of Mount Shasta in the same quarry that produced the stone for the marvelous¬† fluted spiral pillars in the east wing of the Great Hall of Telos.¬† The … Continue reading

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