Fantasy Gothic Tower

gothictower2 Fantasy Gothic Tower

This towering confection was a lot of fun to conjure up. Here it is rendered in Vue. Final assembly occurred in Vue, and now I will need to extract the parts and get them into a format suitable for wider reuse. It will be part of the backdrop for the scene with ravens in it, and I am working up a concept that uses it as a primary element.

The upper part of this design is very much influenced by the Brussels town hall tower, a remarkable piece of classic Gothic architecture. As usual, design ideas have been blended form different sources and improvised.

Here is the tower under construction:

gothicconstruction Fantasy Gothic Tower

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  1. GOSH, I REALLY LOVE GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE. sometimes i draw castles and churches, you can check it if you want. but your work is still much better than mine. its magnificent and elegant.

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