Ouroboros Ring

I’m just getting started on my artist site, but what I’m really itching to do is get back to my 3D modeling efforts. I’ve got some good stuff going here, like this Ouroboros ring:

ouroboros1 Ouroboros Ring

This one started as I was composing a scene with a raven flying, and wanted to put a gold ring in its mouth. I was inspired by an old story of a friend who had actually had a ring stolen by a
raven. As I was researching, I came across an Ouroboros design, and knew that’s what the ring had to be, so it’s in progress. This was a popular theme for Wagner’s Ring Cycle illustrations, such as this, one of a few sources I am sketching from:

ringnib Ouroboros Ring

I wanted to make my version of the ring narrower, like a ring one might actually wear on a finger. I’ll be working on adding detail to this model in progress, but first there’s this matter of getting my artist web site going, and putting finished models up for sale.

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