Celtic Knotwork Design

animalknot1 Celtic Knotwork Design

I’ve been wanting to revive the Celtic chalice design I created several years back, and improve its modeling detail and exportability. One issue was the knotwork border around the top of the cup. The knotwork looks good on the smaller lower decoration, but needed something more for the larger top band, so I’ve been weaving animals into the larger knotwork pattern, with the results shown above. These sorts of knotted animals are a common motif in both old and new Celtic art. The chalice design and original simpler knot are shown below:

chalice1 Celtic Knotwork Design celticknot1c Celtic Knotwork Design
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  1. Garry Rose says:

    i would like to make book markers for my books with the celtic knot design’s on them , i think there is nothing more beautiful than the different knot design’s.

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