‘Faerie Led’ now in my gallery

FaerieLed Ian D Anderson 1024x819 Faerie Led now in my galleryNewly remastered and uploaded, now available as cards and prints: ‘Faerie Led’

FaerieLedBurblingPool 300x176 Faerie Led now in my galleryPower emanates from the earth and mana flows with the wind, raising sparks wherever it goes. A carefully placed globe becomes a focus of roiling energies, and every passing dandelion seed leaves a ripple in the pattern. An inviting soft green pathway lined with marker stones leads deeper into a lush spring green meadow. Faerie rings and burbling pools entice mortals to realms beyond mortal kenning.

FaerieLedWindblown 224x300 Faerie Led now in my galleryThere is much to entice the eye here, from windblown seeds floating by, to mysterious burbling charged pools, to rings of pretty but toxic mushrooms, to electric impressionism, FaerieLedHighSeas Faerie Led now in my galleryand even the lure of adventure on the high seas. Whence came this mysterious ship? What telluric, oceanic, and aerial forces are charging up the gazing ball with such intensity? What subtle, infusing fire fills the scene? What induces this perception of a flowering meadow through a lens of magical surrealism?

FaerieLedCardsPrints Faerie Led now in my gallery

'Faerie Led' available as cards and prints at Fine Art America

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