Tulgey Wood improved 3D render

My gallery image ‘Tulgey Wood’ has been upgraded with an improved render to 3600 pixels and a new detailing effort to bring the image to a better level yet.VirtualChanterelles Tulgey Wood improved 3D renderHere are some virtual chanterelle mushrooms in a detail from this image. These are 3D mesh model mushrooms, each one having its own little virtual light source and being made slightly translucent.

jabberwocky 140x300 Tulgey Wood improved 3D renderYes, there is a jabberwocky in this tulgey wood, or is that just the shadows of the branches and a strategically placed lichen? Do I hear whiffling and burbling somewhere among the trees? OK, so I did slightly enhance the jabberwocky on the higher resolution render, but it was mostly there to begin with in the interplay of virtual light and shadow.


TulgeyWoodCardsPrints Tulgey Wood improved 3D render

Image now available as art prints in sizes from cards to 30 inches

This image had to be rendered in 12 sections to coax it out of Vue 6’s render engine. Yes, this is a Vue 6 project. Porting to Vue 7 actually increased instability and decreased maximum render size, so a Vue 6 project it remains. (Other projects upgraded for the better, but not this one.)


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2 Responses to Tulgey Wood improved 3D render

  1. Hummingbear says:

    LB, it’s been way too long since we’ve checked in on each other’s work. What a delight to discover your site!

    I hope you get a good-sized cut on the print orders, because I need a Tulgey Wood in my bedroom. That’s a Jabberwock (-y is the name of the poem), and I could not see it, but I definitely heard the whiff!

    • Ian Anderson says:

      HB, I get plenty enough to be glad for your business. I hope you enjoy your print very much. I have been pretty happy with Fine Art America’s print quality, and there will be much detail to appreciate. Perhaps you’ll even spot the legendary Jabberwock.

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